We are a "Spirit Filled", Non - Denominational, Full Gospel Church.  We do Church a little differently here at Living Word. We maintain an unwavering focus on relationship with Jesus Christ and not legalistic religious rules. Our focus and message is very simple; the uncompromised gospel of grace. That means Jesus Plus Nothing! He has paid it all.

We are not here to clean you up and force you to act right. We believe, teach and preach the pure gospel - explaining all that Jesus Christ has accomplished for us through his shed blood, death, burial and resurrection.  This is what transforms people's lives.

We offer no condemnation or shame, but a church that loves you for who you are. That's our assignment from God: to share the love and light of Jesus Christ and to teach new covenant principles to God's people. Our goal is to help every individual to experience the true love of God and to enrich his or her relationship with him. We believe that this is what sets people free from sin and bondage and helps them to mature as believers. We want believers to know that they are heirs of deep spiritual riches in Christ in order to fulfill their God-given destiny to reach out and change the world. We are here to edify and encourage you into developing a strong relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We look forward to you being a part of Living Word Ministries.

God Bless,
Pastor Derrick S. Dellinger



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