Hi!  We wanted to let you know that Living Word Ministries has officially closed as a church. 

We thank you all for supporting Living Word and Pastor Derrick as he faithfully preached the Gospel and served the community; and wish him all the best as he enjoys retirement!


As Living Word Ministries closed, God blessed us and the community with a wonderful opportunity to partner with Vineyard Church! 


Our partnership began with Vineyard Church needing somewhere to continue meeting for worship.  We opened our doors so they could meet on Sunday afternoons, which was a blessing to them!

Shortly after, Pastor Derrick was led by the Holy Spirit to wind down his time leading a church.  We approached Vineyard Church with an offer to purchase our church so they could worship and keep sharing the Gospel with our community and serving them with the love of Jesus.  We are thankful to God that everything came together in a way that was a blessing for all of us!

So as Pastor Derrick is able to retire, Living Word Ministries has come to a close.  We're still worshipping at the same church, but now it's Vineyard Church.  The Gospel is still being proclaimed.  And we still know who we are in Jesus.


We encourage you to learn more about Vineyard Church, and join us here on Sunday mornings at 10:30am!


Vineyard Charlotte (lknvineyard.org)


Thank you!


Living Word Ministries